Needle Felted Miniature Handbag

March 3, 2010 at 3:00 am (Uncategorized)

Light purple purse ring pouch

Hermes Kelly in Raisin

Hermes Kelly in Black and White

Purse Ring Pouch in Blue

Purse Ring Pouch in Pink

Louis Vuitton Black Epi Speedy

YSL Downtown Ombre

Tri-colored YSL Muse Two

YSL Miniature Muse


  1. 2 Miniature designer felt bags giveaway · Felting @ CraftGossip said,

    […] Joann of Sushicheeks’s Blog is giving away two miniature bags, a Louis LOUIS VUITTON Epi SPEEDY an… (ring not included).  How adorable would these stunning bags be as a designer brooch or hanging on a narrow satin ribbon or a lovely chain?  Joann would like to introduce us to her charming new art felting and wants your feedback.  We love encouraging new artists here and welcome Joann’s generous offering […]

    • Marilynne Quick said,

      I think your purses are adorable and so cute…my favorites are: (1) purse ring pouch in blue(2) and purse ring pouch in pink and (3) YSL miniature muse in pink….I would use them either on hanging on a narrow silk/satin ribbon or as a brooch as I love brooches and wear one everyday. The miniature purses are really innovative and I predict will be a hit fashion item…I have not learned needle felting yet but am seriously thinking about learning how to do it and even purchasing me a needle felting machine…..I am also a crafter, quilter (all types, including crazy & landscape/art quilts, needleworker, crocheter, knitter and use recycled projects in new craft projects. I never throw any item away (just ask my adult children and grandchildren) if I can imagine decorating it and using them in a new way. I was making pin cushions out of bottle caps many, many years ago as well as making yo-yos long before they became popular…My garage and storage shed are packed with items waiting to be recycled into crafts….coffee cans, styrofoam small containers, small round cheese “tubs” (great for holding bobbins for certain projects, empty medicine bottles, lysol antiseptic wipe containers, large plastic dog food/cat food/littler container (perfect for garden fertilizer, plant food water, etc.) as I stated above, it’s amazing what people throw away that can easily be transformed into useful storage containers (saves the planet and also saves tons of money when you think about money spent on new storage containers for craft products)…thanks for letting me enter to win these adorable miniature bags…a fellow crafter….Marilynne Q in TN

  2. amy harrison said,

    these are just the cutest things EVER!! I adore the Hermes!! What a wonderful talent you have

  3. Tif said,

    I love them all! But the ring pouches are my favorite. Can’t decide–I love the blue and the pink!

    I knit mini purses, but not as mini as yours! ( Mini is so fun!!


  4. Pattyjo said,

    What adorable little purses! I collect dolls and I have them in all sized and would love to win your purses! Thanks for the chance.

  5. connie said,

    I love both of your designs as well as all your others. You have a very innovative produce here and I am looking forward to seeing many more.
    I am a felter, both wet and needle, and fully appreciate the scope of what it takes to create with our beloved roving.
    I have several rings ffrom my grandmother (Gramsie) and would love to have them so well tuckeed away in one of your lovely pieces.
    All the best to you.

  6. Sonya said,

    OMG! Your mini YSLs are positively divine! My personal fave is the Ombre, and if I could could get more than one, I’d get my sister the pink Muse. I Think that all of your wee bags are wonderful, and your attention to the tiny details is brilliant, and the pearl handles on the ring pouches are precious.Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. KarenK said,

    I love them all!! How truly precious!! I love the YSL the most I think, but who wouldn’t love them. I adore minatures and these are beyond words.

  8. jen said,

    OMG!! Your purses are soooo cute! I love everything miniature, as well as all your styles. My fave is the Louis Vitton Speedy bag. Thanks for sharing the candy with us!!

  9. Kim R. said,

    Love your adorable purses – my favorites are the YSL Ombre and the Louis Vuitton Speedy – would love to see to see some mini Coach bags! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  10. Deborah said,

    These are so adorable I can hardly stand it! They’re all lovely, but prob’ly because Easter is so close, I’m drawn to the ring pouches – they remind me of Easter baskets. I envision the ring propped in a clutch of eggs which are nestled in Easter “grass” with a few stray strands/bits/tufts escaping over the sides…

    These “nests” also would be adorable with chicks/bunnies peeking out over the top…

    My imagination is going wild over these – I can see them in so many applications!

    Obviously, I would love to win one – thanks for sharing your beautiful craft!

  11. Christy said,

    These are just amazing! I love the ring pouch in blue. I would hang it next to my vanity with my favorite necklace in it. These little purses are such a great idea!

  12. Connie Wright said,

    Ilove the little blue ring pouch. Probably because I like anything that is blue. But I also like the Hermes Kelly in Raisin.

  13. Mimi said,

    Those teeny tiny felted bags are adorable – I love miniature things, great idea! The ring purses are my favorites and I can’t decide whether I like the pink or blue more.

  14. Hanna said,

    Awwwww ever sweet! I love the pink rink purse and I would hang it by my mirror and keep my rings in a safe place. Super idea and thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Ellen Lai said,

    I don’t go for designer bags, so I’m not sure about such bags, but your creations are so cute and unusual! In fact, too cute to choose any favourite one – love every single one, each of them is unique and great!

  16. Jeanne Clarke said,

    What exquisite items- I love all the designs and the Ombre above all.. Congratulations on your innovative designs. Very chic. Felting is becoming ‘ the thing’ here ( UK) and I have been an addicted felter both wet and dry for many years

  17. Val said,

    These miniatures are just too cool! I love the YSL Downtown Ombre bag. I like to see the results of people who create these small things. I wish I could do this. Very fun!

  18. Susan Spiers said,

    Sooooo….Cute! Miniatures Rule!

  19. Kim O said,

    These are beautiful ! What a talent ! The purse pouch in blue and Hermes kelly in raisin are my fav’s .

  20. Shelly E said,

    I love the Purse Ring Pouch in Pink
    I collect minitures with the hope of building my own doll house someday! These are adorable!

  21. Diane said,

    How very inspirational all your bags are, I especially like the LV Black Epi Speedy.
    I ahve never done needle felting but after looking at all of these I shall have to have a go!

  22. Kelly Owens said,

    I love them all! If I had to pick one I guess I’d pick Hermes Kelly in Black and White… is so pretty and my name is Kelly, so naturally I like it, lol.

  23. Winners of the mini-felted purses · Felting @ CraftGossip said,

    […] am happy to announce that Amy and Hannah are the winners of the mini-felted bags by Joann and she selected the winners, so congratulations to you both.  It appears that many readers left […]

  24. vee said,

    Absolutely amazing! super cute! and how creative. I want to try to make one…very useful too

  25. lulilu said,

    What fabulous little purses! You are so talented! Just love them!!!!

  26. Keçe minyatür çantalar - Kendin Yap Blogu said,

    […] Devamı burada 🙂 […]

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